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Suburb Street Name Type
Manly     43 East Esplanade 4 Pines Brewpub PB Reviewed    o 
Manly       5 East Esplanade Bavarian Manly Wharf, The P Reviewed    o 
Manly       7 Market Place Donny's B Reviewed  m 
Manly     75 The Corso Hotel Steyne P Reviewed  o   m 
Manly     18 Sydney Road InSitu B Reviewed  o   m 
Manly     27 The Corso Ivanhoe Hotel     [View Function Room] P Reviewed  o   m 
Manly     40 East Esplanade Manly Wharf Hotel P Reviewed  o   m 
Manly     13 South Steyne Manly Wine B Reviewed  o 
Manly     71 The Corso New Brighton Hotel P Reviewed  o   m 

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